Camelia Minoiu

I am an Economist in the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund


The conference “Interconnectedness: Building Bridges between Research and Policy,” co-organized by the IMF, INET, and Deutsche Bundesbank, took place at the IMF in Washington DC during May 8-9, 2014. Check out the conference agenda here. Read a review of the conference here.


Other events:


·        3rd CIRANO Workshop on Networks in Trade and Finance, Fayetteville (AK), Oct 2014

·        6th Financial Stability Conference, Tilburg University, Oct 2014

·        ECB/CBRT Conference on Assessing the Macroeconomic Implications of Financial and Production Networks, Izmir, Sept 2014

·        Conference of the ESCB’s Macro-prudential Research Network, Frankfurt, Jun 2014

·        3rd MoFiR Workshop on Banking, Ancona, Jun 2014

·        Financial Engineering and Banking Society (FEBS) Conference, Surrey, Jun 2014

·        Barcelona GSE Summer Forum on Financial Intermediation, Jun 2014

·        IFABS 2014 Conference “Alternative futures for global banking: Competition, regulation, and reform,” Lisbon, Jun 2014

·        DNB/IMF/IMFER Conference on International Banking: Microfoundations and Macroeconomic Implications, Amsterdam, Jun 2014

·        9th Annual Seminar on Risk, Financial Stability and Banking, Banco Central do Brasil, Sao Paolo, Aug 2014





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