Camelia Minoiu


I am a Senior Economist in the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund



** A conference on financial networks and stress testing will be held at the Banco de Mexico in Nov 2015. Check out the call for papers here. Special issue in the Journal of Financial Stability.


** A conference on systemic risk analytics will be held at the Bank of Finland in Sep 2015. Special issue in Quantitative Finance.


** A conference on financial risk and network theory will be held at the University of Cambridge in Sep 2015.


Upcoming conferences:


         Challenges to Financial Stability, Aug 2015

         Banking in Emerging Markets, Aug 2015

         Institutional Investors, Hedge Funds and EM Finance, Sep 2015

         Global Financial Interconnectedness, Oct 2015

         Credit Dynamics and the Macroeconomy, Dec 2015

         Liberalizations in Emerging Markets: Recent Trends and Developments, Nov 2015

         BIS-CGFS Workshop on empirical banking research using BIS statistics, May 2016





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